Uploading liveries

When submitting a skin to the World Series ACC Skin Pack, it is your responsibility that the skin is according to the guidelines below. Read them all carefully, getting it right the first time saves a lot of time.

ACC Skin Pack guidelines:

Files to provide:

    • From the \acc\customs\cars folder, the .json file for the livery
    • From \acc\customs\liveries folder:
      • decals.png + decals_1.dds + decals.json
      • OR
      • sponsors.png + sponsors_1.dds + sponsors.json
      • OR
      • decals.png + decals_1.dds + decals.json + sponsors.png + sponsors_1.dds + sponsors.json

Additional skinpack info for game version 1.8+

  • The _1.dds file must be created by driving the car, not from renaming the showroom file (_0.dds)
  • “skinTemplateKey”: 99 is NOT allowed
  • Each png file must not exceed 5MB
  • It is forbidden to feature vulgar, obscene, suggestive language or imagery or anything that might go against public taste or may be taken as offensive by either the participants, organizers, or the general public.
  • Submit your livery as .zip .7z or .rar
  • By submitting a skin you accept that others have access to the skin(s).
You can download the templates from:

Currently there's no deadline to submit liveries, as we'll be testing automations until next season.

Upload your files here in the following folder, where you can also download the others:

Installation instructions:
  1. Download the file from the link below.
  2. Extract its contents into the folder -> C:\Users\*yourusername*\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\
  3. Accept any file replacements.
  4. Note: For others to see your custom livery you must use the version from the skin pack.